Robert L. Hymers

Robert L. Hymers - CEO of Pinnacle Entertainment

An entrepreneur and accounting professional, Robert L. Hymers III has served as CEO of movie production company Pinnacle Entertainment since 2019. Additionally, he is a managing partner of Pinnacle Tax Services, which focuses on accounting services and complex tax debt solutions. Previously, Robert L. Hymers spent several years as vice president of finance and accounting with numerous companies.

A graduate of California State University, Northridge, Robert Leslie Hymers III holds a master of science in taxation and accounting and a bachelor of science in accountancy. He has held executive positions with the American Cannabis Company (OTC: AMMJ), Marijuana Company of America (OTC: MCOA) and Cannabis Strategic Ventures Inc. (OTC: CBGL) and provided strategic consulting for numerous other public companies.

He maintains involvement with several community organizations. Currently, he is working to establish his foundation the Hymers Family Foundation for Arts and Education, which is focused on arts and music education for children in inner-cities.

Robert L. Hymers

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Robert Hymers III
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